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Welcome to Provision Laser Eye Center


Provision Laser Eye Center provides cutting-edge ophthalmic care to our valued patients.

Dr. Scott Durrett  is one of the first surgeons in Sarasota County to offer Laser Cataract Surgery using the LenSx Laser with the ORA system. This laser is trusted by more ophthalmologists than any other platform. The ORA system is a secondary procedure performed at the same time as laser cataract surgery to help improve lens power selection and guide astigmatism treatment. This is the most advanced cataract surgery available and provides precision beyond just basic laser cataract surgery.

At Provision, we supply all your eye care needs - from customized cataract procedures to glasses and contacts. We pride ourselves on providing the best possible eye care at the highest level of service possible. We provide complete patient satisfaction, and will do whatever we can to ensure that your needs are being met. 

Our focus is on your eyes.

Robert Daddario, OD
Scott Durrett, MD

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